Lick Him Like an Ice Cream Cone.

A few weeks ago I was roaming through TJ Maxx (the usual) and this older woman came up and asked me the normal questions about Sailor. She wanted to know how old he was, was he my first, the basic questions I get asked on a regular basis, but before she walked away she said the sweetest thing, “Lick him like an ice cream cone, because before you know it he is going to be off to college.” I’ve heard a variation of this many times, the encouragement to soak up these stages of infancy because soon enough he is going to be grown and independent. Of course you tell yourself to enjoy it all, to not forget these sweet moments, but there was something about the way this older woman imparted this little nugget of sweetness that has left me thinking about it even weeks later. It has made me stop many times these past few weeks just so I can snuggle my boy.

The metaphor of an ice cream cone is perfection to me, you can’t eat it fast enough before it starts to melt all over your hands, yet you want to savor every single lick! It’s delicious and fleeting. The same with my baby boy, he is the sweetest thing and I want to savor every single moment with him. This morning I sat while he slept next to me and thought about all the things that I don’t want to forget about these last 5 months with him:

How surprised I was when they told me he was nearly 9 pounds (8lbs. 14oz.) at birth.

The first time he really latched on and nursed, I have never felt so needed or necessary in my entire lifeProcessed with VSCOcam with lv02 preset.

How he has always been so sweet in the mornings, smiles, laughs and kicks since the day he was born.

Our first trip together when he was only 1 week old, he was such a good boy it was like he knew I needed that extra helping of sweetness.

His eyelashes.

The way he sucks on his bottom lip.

The satisfaction and love I feel when I’m the only one that can get him to calm down (even if in the moment I can get frustrated).

How he calms right down when he hears someone sing to him, especially his Auntie Alex.

How he is honestly so sweet to just about everyone he meets, giving the biggest smiles and giggles to total strangers.

How even with a look he can make me so so happy.

 These are the moments, the ones we wish away so easily thinking of the next stage instead of savoring it all. Licking it up like an ice cream cone. My greatest realization is that this is my last time being a first-time mom, all of this will be different with the next one (whenever that is) and I will realize how sweet this season was, and as hard as I try I will miss it. My sweet boy is growing fast, and I plan on holding on to each moment because you don’t realize you’re in the good days while they’re happening, but I sure am going to try.