My 5 Things.

IMG_76265 things that blessed me this week, an experiment in finding joy in my everyday.

After months of job hunting and prayers, Chris got his first paycheck at a job that he loves! Such an incredible answer to prayer!

We put a deposit down on an apartment in our desired area, perfectly within our price point AND the unit is being completely gutted and remodeled, meaning if everything works out (prayers appreciated) we will be getting a “brand new” apartment!

I ran into a good friend I haven’t seen in over a year while grabbing coffee with Sailor one morning. Not only was it a sweet surprise but she was incredibly encouraging and really pushed me positively to start putting more time and effort into this space!

My sister-in-law Alex came home for a surprise little day and a half visit! She is a flight attendant for United and loves to pop in every now and again, which is great for me! Lots of laughs, games and family time make me a happy lady!

And lastly, Sailor has been taking naps EVERY day this week! They last at least an hour and I am so stinking proud of him!

I plan on making this a weekly project, giving me time to reflect back on the good of each week, instead of lingering on the bad.

Yours, Ashlee


Author: Ashlee Churm

Married, in love with Christ, blessed.

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